The Tatoosh - Paul Allen's Other Super Yacht

June 2nd, 2012 | Yachts | paul allen, super yacht, tatoosh

The Tatoosh Paul Allen Yacht

Multi billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen owns not just one but two super yachts. The larger of the two the Octopus usually gets most of the 'press' as is it truly huge, the 13th largest yacht in the world.

The Tatoosh Paul Allen Super Yacht

The Tatoosh Yacht Owned by Paul Allen

Allen's other yacht, the Tatoosh is nothing to be sneezed at either though. Although it is only the 33rd largest yacht in the world it is still very, very impressive. The yacht is 303 feet long (rather small compared to Octopus which is 416 feet) but is still so large it can accommodate two helicopters if called upon to do so. It has five decks that house, among other things, a movie theater, a master saloon with an impressive French limestone fireplace ands a shaded 6 feet deep swimming pool that is located just off the main deck, affording bathers plenty of privacy.

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Upper Deck

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Pool Area

There are nine staterooms in addition to the palatial owner's stateroom and each of them is furnished in grand style. All of the interior of the Tatoosh was designed by Terence Disdale, a British designer who has been responsible for the interior design of some of the other most impressive super yachts in the world as well.

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Interior

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht View

The Tatoosh was not originally built for Allen, he purchased the yacht for an undisclosed sum from mobile phone king Craig McCaw who had the super luxurious boat constructed in Germany in 2000. When he is not using it Allen has been known to lend the yacht out to a great many celebrity friends as well as hire it out for certain exclusive private functions.

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Dinner Area

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Lounge Area

Like his partner and friend Bill Gates Mr Allen has pledged to give away much of his fortune to charity and to that end in 2010 Allen put the Tatoosh up for sale. He still owns the ship at the moment though as with an asking price of $125 million he has not found any takers yet!

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Theatre

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Gym

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Bedroom1

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Bedroom2

Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht Bedroom3