Helpful Tips for Effective Car Washing at Home

June 14th, 2012 | Car Hacks | cars, tips, wash

At Home Car Washing Tips

A car is usually a very expensive investment and as such, most car owners want to keep their vehicle in the best possible condition. This often means making sure to keep it clean and shiny, even once the car is older and has lost its new car novelty. There are some tips that can be followed to provide a great car wash right at home.Most cars can be kept looking like new with just a few cleaning tools and accessories. To begin a good car wash, the car should be hosed down completely. This gets rid of any topical dirt, grime or dust. Then the car should be soaped completely with a car wash shampoo.

An excellent tip for car washing at home is to make sure not to use any household or utensil cleansers. These products are not intended to be used on the finish of the vehicle and can actually cause damage to the shine of the car. It is important to use a shampoo that is designated for use on cars.

Similar to the wash product being used, it is important to use the right cloth as well. Do not use a sponge that is old or has been used before. Use a brand new and clean sponge or cloth so that there is no dirt that can be deposited back on the vehicle. Wash mitts are also a good option. Likewise, be sure to use a material that will not scratch the vehicle or its finish.

Next, the best tip for washing your car at home is to start with the roof. Once that is completed, the hood, rear and sides can be cleaned in that order. Once the car is completely cleaned, it can be hosed off and all of the shampoo can be removed. To complete the car wash, the car should be dried to avoid streak marks, preferably with a chamois. The best way to do this is to dry the entire car off once to remove all of the excess water. Then wring out the chamois and start drying the car fully from the roof down. You can also use wax to keep the car clean longer.