Sports Motor Boat MasterCraft X-2 2012

June 18th, 2012 | Boats | boats, sports

2012 Mastercraft X2 Boat

One the most sought after toys for adventurous types is a sports motorboat. A great sports motor boat has to be fast, fun and versatile and a company called Mastercraft make some of the best that are available. One of their most popular reasonably priced offerings (if you call $70,000 and up for a relatively basic model reasonable) is the X-2, a speed demon of a boat that packs a lot of power into its relatively small 20 foot body that is still fairly easy to operate and easy to store in a standard garage.The MasterCraft X-2 is designed as a sports towing boat that can facilitate all kinds of water-sports activities or as a speedy craft that can just be used to zip up and down its Captain's favorite waterways. It is also deceptively spacious - something else that has helped it become a best seller - and has a great lounge area thanks to the pickle fork bow that means the X-2 can serve as a pretty amazing 'party boat' as well - as long as the party stays under 11 people as that is the recommended maximum occupancy!

2012 Mastercraft X2 Boat Interior

Optional extras include a teak swimming platform, LED party lighting and swivel board racks for surfing and wake board enthusiasts to store their gear in style. Most X-2 models can break the 40 MPH barrier if they are not towing anything and even when they are a very reasonable 30 mph is usually possible according to X-2 owners themselves.

2012 Mastercraft X2 Boat Inside

One of the other great things about the X-2 is that as long as they are well looked after they hold their value very well and should there ever come a time when the boat has to be sold most X-2 owners find that they still get a good price on the resale and the new owner can still pick up a bargain on their dream boat so everyone's happy!

2012 Mastercraft X2 Boat Seats