The Bavaria Cruiser 45 - The Best Cruising Boat of 2012

June 20th, 2012 | Boats | boats, cruise, the bavaria

Bavaria Cruiser 45

For the serious yachtsman (or yachtswoman) finding the right craft to take them on their adventures around the world - or just around the local waterways - is a must. The Bavaria Cruiser 45 may just be that boat.About Bavaria Yachts
For those not familiar with the company, Bavaria Yachts is a German based company currently jointly owned by BMW Design Works USA (so you know you are getting quality with the BMW name attached) and Farr Yacht Designs.

The company builds mid size cruising yachts from 32' to 55' long and each one is built by experienced and skilled boat builders in the company's Bavaria, Germany shipyard. Historically the company has been known for creating yachts that are easy to handle, efficient to run and in terms of looks and performance are right up there with the best available today.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Boat

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Basics
The Bavaria 45 Cruiser is one of the best received boats that the company has offered for sale to date. A midsize yacht that is on the larger side at 46' 10" long it is perfect for a range of sailing conditions and is designed to provide an avid sailor with everything they need for a great trip every time.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Boat Closer

In terms of power - very important to a sailor - the Bavaria Cruiser 45 offers two different standard engine options to buyers, a 55 horsepower gasoline engine or a slightly more powerful 75 horse power diesel model for those who prefer their craft to have a little more get up and go, great for open sea sailing. For sailors looking for something in between the two engines a custom built engine can be fitted (at an additional cost of course) Under testing conditions with the diesel engine the craft can average 7-8 knots under sail and, provided the conditions are not too choppy, 8-9 knots under power.

In terms of handling the Bavaria Cruiser 45 has won praise for the ease with which it steers, especially in stronger winds under sail with its performance under those conditions rated excellent or better by many of the sailors who have taken it out.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Kitchen

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Styling
The Bavaria Cruiser 45 is designed for longer trips so you would expect it to have a great layout that is designed both for looks and for comfort.

The standard model boasts three double cabins, all with ensuite basic bathroom facilities, including a shower, as well as a master cabin suite that some people have described as 'cavernous'. The Bavaria Cruiser 45 is also available as a 4 standard cabin cruiser as well, for those who like to sail with more companions along for the trip.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Bedroom

On deck, footing is made safer thanks to a well designed anti skid system and there is a great deal of storage available in the cockpit, although some people have been a little disappointed by the storage offered in the cockpit lockers. To make up for that though the roomy lazerette storage locker can accommodate a dinghy, an uninflated life raft, additional sails and potentially even more if it is carefully packed. The cockpit also boasts a cocktail style table that can help ensure that the current pilot can still be at the center of the social action on the ship.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 Shower

In terms of sheer impressive style the bathing platform - obviously an important part of any pleasure cruiser - is a teak affair that can automatically be raised and lowered as needed and is the largest such platform in its class.

All of the finishes both on and below decks can be custom created to the owner's tastes and there are even eleven different standard upholstery sizes to choose from.

Bavaria Cruiser 45 2 Bedroom

All in all its not a big surprise to learn that Sail Magazine named the Bavaria Cruiser 45 its Best Cruising Monohull under 50 Feet for 2012. Pricing starts at $276,735 for a craft with standard options, making it comparable with most of the other yachts in its class, many of which do not have as much to offer as this Bavarian beauty!