5 Most Expensive Super Yachts in the World

June 24th, 2012 | Yachts | most expensive, yachts

History Supreme Yacht for ,5 Billion

There are few things in the world that scream wealth more than a yacht. For the wealthiest in the world, these toys serve as a reminder of luxury and create the ultimate status symbol. They often come with unique and luxurious features that allow for them to stand out from all other yachts of the world. There are several different yachts listed as the most expensive in the world and the top five range in price but are no less expensive than $250 million.

The most expensive yacht in the world is owned by an anonymous Malaysian businessman and is estimated at $4.8 billion. The most intriguing feature of the 'History Supreme' is that it has various decorations comprised of meteoric stones and T-Rex bones.

The second most expensive yacht in the world goes by the name of 'Eclipse' and has an estimated worth of $800 million. This yacht is loaded with special features including an anti-paparazzi laser system and an anti-missile defense system.

Roman Abramovich Yacht Eclipse

The third most expensive yacht in the world goes by the name of 'Dubai' and is worth an estimated $350 million. This yacht has a number of interesting features including a submarine garage, helicopter landing pad, and a glass spiral staircase.

Dubai Super Yacht

The fourth most expensive yacht is touted as being the most private yacht in the world, as it was codenamed in 2007 and has absolutely no known photographs of the interior. It can accommodate a very large group of people, including 150 crew members. It also has a concert hall that can hold a 50 piece orchestra.

The fifth most expensive yacht in the entire world is the 'Al Mirqab' which has an estimated worth of $250 million and is approximately 437 feet in length. The most noteworthy feature of this yacht is the overall lavishness and beauty of its interior. This interior includes hand-cut crystal panels all along the staircase as well as various pieces of suspended artwork.

Al Mirqab Super Yacht