The Innovative Design of the 2011 Mini Rocketman Concept

June 27th, 2012 | Concepts | cars, concepts

2011 Mini Rocketman Concept Geneva

There is a great push for smaller, more fuel efficient, and more affordable cars in today’s economy. The auto industry has recently had to try and find innovative ways in which to attract the attention of consumers to new models of cars that can produce better gas mileage while also still maintaining interesting and innovative features. One of these models of newer and more innovative design can be found in the 2011 Mini Rocketman Concept.The 2011 Mini Rocketman was originally unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and was received with much enthusiasm for its innovative designs. This version is much smaller and lighter which is a great change from the direction in which minis are going. Most minis are actually growing rather than shrinking in size. Generally speaking, the Cooper lineup has grown in size and versatility through the production of the Paceman, Countryman, and Clubman. The concept for the Mini Rocketman, however, brings back something smaller than the two-door Mini Cooper. The 2011 Mini Rocketman is actually a throwback to the 1959 model and contains very small dimensions with a carbon fiber space frame.

2011 Mini Rocketman Concept Side View

2011 Mini Rocketman Concept Upper View

The most outrageous features in the 2011 Mini Rocketman are its double-hinged doors and projector-based tail lamps. The Mini Rocketman is definitely a city car, exemplified mostly by its size. It is approximately 135 inches in length, 55 inches in height, and 75 inches in width including side mirrors. It rivals the incredibly small and compact size of the Smart ForTwo and the Scion iQ.

Despite the small size of the Mini Rocketman, it serves to capitalize on available space through its carbon fiber space-frame construction. There is comfortable seating for two, with availability for 3 passengers and very rarely enough room for 4. The passenger layout of the vehicle is described as 3 +1 as it uses several unique features to maneuver seating in order to enhance comfort. The individual seats have a great breadth of available movement and also have a series of instruments that allow for sliding back and forth as well.

2011 Mini Rocketman

2011 Mini Rocketman Concept Up

There are other features aside from size that make the Mini Rocketman a great addition to the city car lineup. The doors are double-hinged allowing for large opening angles when space is limited. The rear also has a two-part tailgate including a lower section that slides out as well as a hatch.

Aside from the city car features, the Mini Rocketman also has some features that exemplify a great deal of innovation. There is a completely glass comprised roof that includes optical fibers. These fibers light up a symbol in the form of the Union Jack flag. There are also rear LED tail lamps that show turn and brake indications against the body of the vehicle. The interior features are also innovative. There is a trackball placed on the steering where and a joystick that deals with vehicle controls. The speedometer also has effects illuminated in 3 dimensions.

2011 Mini Rocketman Concept Back View

2011 Mini Rocketman Concept Interior

It is not believed that this model will make it to mass production but it does show some of the more innovative side the vehicle. It also serves to show that the push is toward a smaller and more city appropriate vehicle, as well as one that is simply more affordable for consumers. There is also some potential to see some of these features, such as the trackball, on newer models from the manufacturer as well. In fact, the mini copper itself is up for some new upgrades and it is entirely plausible that some of the innovative design of the Mini Rocketman could be incorporated into the new versions of the Mini Cooper.