Quick and Simple Tips for Polishing a Car

June 29th, 2012 | Car Hacks | car, polishing, tips, wax

Car Polish and Protector

Polishing a car can be a little bit of work, but the results are almost always worth it. There are several different kinds of polishes currently on the market. Some of them are pastes or liquids while others are systems that contain more than one product to be used consecutively. There are also different mechanisms for polishing a car. Some people choose to use a tool while others opt for polishing by hand. Polishing by hand tends to limit the potential for scratching the car’s finish. No matter what the product or tool used, there are ways in which to polish a car quickly and efficiently.The first rule when polishing any vehicle is that the car must be completely clean before polishing. If there are any dirt particles on the car, the act of polishing will simply scratch the finish even more. Secondly, because there are so many products currently available on the market, it is important to read all of the instructions before polishing. Some products have different reactions than others. For example, some polishes will stain certain parts such as plastic trim.

Other polishes need to be applied in between a certain range of temperatures. The polish should be applied one section of the vehicle at a time. If using a towel, it should be 100% cotton and should be very clean. The towel or pad can be dampened and then the polish applied to the towel. Using the towel, the polish can be rubbed onto the body of the car using a circular motion. Then the polish can be left to dry and buffed clean using a different towel of the same type. This process can be repeated to every area of the vehicle until the entire car is cleaned, polished, and shiny.