Luxury Super Yachts - The Al Mirqab

July 7th, 2012 | Yachts | luxury, super, yachts

Al Mirqab Super Yacht

There are yachts, there are super yachts and then there are the really spectacular luxury super yachts and the 'Al Mirqab' certainly falls into that last category! The 436 foot custom crafted German super yacht is the prized possession of Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber bin Muhammad Al Thani, the former Prime Minister and current Emir of Qatar. Qatar is one of the richest of the Arab nations and the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, football's - or soccer if you prefer - biggest tournament. The Sheikh is also well known for his efforts to broker peace in the Middle East.'Al Mirqab' - The Basic Facts
As far as luxury super yachts go in terms of size, the 'Al Mirqab' currently holds ninth place on the list of the top twenty longest yachts in the world. The current record holder is the 'Eclipse', another German built boat, that is owned by 'Chelsea' Football Club owner Roman Abramovich at 533 feet. But the Sheikh does 'win' in that two of his super yachts make the top ten list as his other craft, the Katara, makes number fourteen on the list at 401 feet (must be his boat for weekends!).

Al Mirqab Superior Yacht

As is the case for any custom built super yacht the information about the actual power specifications of the 'Al Mirqab' is rather spotty. The watch word for luxury yacht builders is discretion. While the owners of these super boats do not usually mind the designers sharing images of the interiors they are often a little unhappy if the world can use a power measurement to compare their super yacht to others! However it is known that in the case of the 'Al Mirqab' she has a top speed of a little over 20 knots, although her average cruising speed is closer to 18.

The 'Al Mirqab' was completed in 2008. Designed by master yacht visionary Tim Heywood the yacht was built in the Peters Schiffbau Wewelsfleth yard in Germany. Unlike some of the other super yachts the 'Al Mirqab' has only had one owner, she was especially commissioned by the Sheikh.

Al Mirqab Superb Yacht

'Al Mirqab' - The Luxuries
If you are a keen sailor the power numbers are important but for the more causal observer all the luxury details are what they are most interested in what it comes to super yachts! There the 'Al Mirqab' does not disappoint.

Staffed by a full time crew of twenty one and boasting a galley (kitchen) fit for a five star chef, the 'Al Mirqab' also boasts five guest apartments in addition to the master owner's apartment. Yes you did read that right, guest apartments, there are no mere guest rooms on this incredible craft. Each guest apartment consists of a full bedroom, a spa inspired bathroom and a luxurious lounge area at the center of it all.

Al Mirqab Yacht

All of the ship's interior was the work of Andrew Winch Designs and it has, from the few glimpses the public has got, a very classic look of luxury about it and is filled with deep, rich colors and exotic fine fabrics and furnishings.

In addition to the apartments the 'Al Mirqab' also boasts its own cinema, extensive office space (the owner is a busy world leader after all) several indoor and outdoor bars, a huge bathing platform, a number of Jacuzzi/hot tubs and sumptuous dining quarters that would rival the dining rooms of most five star restaurants.

In terms of how much this rather amazing super yacht might have cost that is a closely guarded secret. Given however that the Sheikh's personal fortune runs into the multi billions then money was probably no object!