Hot Cars Will Be Debuted in the Second Half of 2012

July 15th, 2012 | News & Events | 2012, auto show, cars, motor show

BMW 3 Series 6 Generation

Even though half of 2012 is gone already (time flies!) in the car world there are still more than a few good trade shows for car lovers to look forward to as some of the world's biggest and best car manufacturers still have plenty of new models to debut for 2013.

While car manufacturers are usually fairly secretive about exactly what they have rolling off the production lines soon they do drop some clues about what they have planned. Here are some of the confirmed - and unconfirmed - rumors about some of the cars that may be making their debut at motors shows in the second half of 2012:

No one is too sure if BMW will debut their highly anticipated new sixth generation of the 3 series in 2012 - maybe at the LA Auto Show - or if they will wait until the 2013 show in Detroit but one thing is for sure - BMW fans are very excited.

There have already been glimpses and rumors about some of the cars in the new 3 series, especially the one that is expected to be the first to debut - the 3 Series saloon which has been spotted being put through its paces around the world famous Nurburgring.

In terms of styling the new 3 Series saloon will look a lot more like its pricier brother in the upscale 5 Series as the company are believed to be trying to unify the design of its two biggest selling series worldwide. In terms of power just what the improvements will be remain to be seen but given that the new car is expected to cost about four percent more than the current model hopefully they will be significant, especially since it is known that eventually the new 3 series cars will be available with eleven different engine options!

When the organizers of the 2012 LA Auto Show announced that there will be at least 20 worldwide car debuts at the show in November Porsche was one of the names on the list. The car that it is believed will be debuted is the Porsche Cayman. Rumor has it that the Porsche Cayman is a hard topped version of the fairly affordable (by Porsche standards anyway) Porsche Boxter roadster models. The 2013 Boxter has already debuted at the 2012 New York Auto Show and motoring experts are predicting that the engineering of the Porsche Cayman will be very similar. Porsche will not confirm at the moment just what cars they will be showing in LA but this is the safe bet.

Chrysler are also a confirmed exhibitor for the 2012 LA Auto Show. What they will be debuting is a carefully guarded secret though. Car fans will be very interested because so far in 2012 the previously ailing car company has seen its sales rise 20% across the board, mainly thanks to their big sedan the Chrysler 300 and surprisingly for many the small and rather sporty Fiat 500 which is turning out to be a hit with the younger car buying crowd. Given that Chrysler is now enjoying its best sales stretch for 5 years most fans are expecting some exciting debuts soon.

These are just a few of the cars that should be taking a bow very soon. Other companies slated for the next big show - the 2012 LA Auto Show we have been discussing - include Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia, Acura, Aston Martin and Hyundai so there should be a car on display to suit every taste.