Car News – Chrysler Novelties for 2013

July 21st, 2012 | Cars | cars, chrysler, news

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Car manufacturers are always working on something new and Chrysler is no exception. The novelty cars for 2013/2014 are being designed and some have already appeared in motor shows around the world. We will look at some of the new designs for 2013, and what they are all about.

The Chrysler 100 2013
Today’s car buyers are now so much more interested in vehicles that provide manageable fuel consumption and greater affordability. This has shaped the way to design and construct cars in the automobile industry. More and more interest in environmental concerns is coming to the forefront. Chrysler has now ventured into the smaller car field for purposes of profit and relevance in the industry. This vehicles design is quite similar to the Alpha Romeo’s Giulietta and has some resemblances to the Dodge Dart 2013.

2013 Chrysler 100

All factors considered, the Chrysler 100 2013 has been designed to compete with the numerous small car manufacturers in 2013 and beyond. The design and specifications are aimed at competing for the same market as Honda civic and Ford focus, which are both successful terms of dominating the market. Albeit produced with the same ideas and design in mind as the SRT Viper, the Chrysler 100 2013 is an option for people looking for comfort and class; all in one.

Chrysler SRT viper 2013
For car buyers who like a sporty car with an edge and also want to combine performance and class will have something to look forward to from the Chrysler SRT viper 2013. Chrysler, like many other car manufacturers, major and minor, is at full speed in efforts to dominate the market and this can only happen if all consumer needs are taken care of. The carmaker has unveiled the SRT Viper for 2013 to take care of sport car lovers and give them something noteworthy.

The SRT Viper from Chrysler is much anticipated in the industry especially because of its cost and the sleek design. Car enthusiasts will be really excited and enthused at what they find under the hood of the Chrysler SRT viper 2013. For the tech savvy car buyer there are many gizmos and technical details that will catch your attention and have your enjoyment flowing.

2013 SRT Viper Chrysler

The manufactures have projected that this model will be in high demand as soon as it is released in the market owing to its unique look and amazing specifications. For added greatness and convenience buyers will be able to customize their car to their specific needs and wants on the road and in the driveway. One example is a top notch digital speedometer and another is the excellent rocking stereo consul.

Looks aren’t everything but with the Chrysler SRT Viper 2013 you won’t be disappointed as the interior is as fantastic as the exterior. When driving this car you will find that there is lots of space in the cockpit to maneuver. Sporty drivers will benefit from the Chryslers HVAC outlets and be mesmerized by the window switch bevels. This car is luxury on wheels and is expected to wow the crowds with its exceptional Gun Metal appliques that have not one or two finishes but three. All-in-all the Chrysler SRT viper 2013 is expected to be a winner once released.

2013 Changes for the Chrysler 200
This 5 passenger Chrysler car has got some changes afoot for 2013 that will improve its look and has made some design features simpler. Buyers have the option to choose sedan or convertible body types and from 4 or 6 speed automatics. The 6 speed version allows for manual shift. This medium sized car from Chrysler is a comfortable drive with a dual engine 173-hp 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a 283-hp 3.6-liter Pentastar V6. Some extra features customers can add on to some versions are polished aluminium wheels and leather seating and furnishings. For added safety and reliability car buyers can rely on the traction control system and six airbags.

Chrysler 300/300C variations for 2013
These cars in 2013 will greatly benefit from an 8 speed automatic V6 power boost and will come with leather furnishings and BlueTooth as a standard package. Fantastic colors will be available for the first time: Phantom Black, Tri-Coat Billet Silver and a cool Jazz Blue.