Luxury Super Yachts for Sale - 'One More Toy'

August 1st, 2012 | Yachts | luxury, yacht

One More Toy Super Yacht

There probably is no better named yacht than the 'One More Toy'. After all what else are super yachts really except very large (and expensive) toys for those lucky enough to be able to afford them? And if you have a spare $20 million or so lying around you could become her newest Captain!

Built in 2001 and flying under the flag of the Cayman Islands, $20 million may actually be quite a bargain price for this aquatic toy which is being offered for sale via luxury boat brokers International Yacht Connection and broker Marc Elliot. Just what will the lucky buyer get for their cash? Here is just a little information:

'One More Toy' - Basic Specs
Built by Christensen 'One More Toy' is a 152 foot behemoth of a yacht with a top speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 14 thanks to her twin 1800 jp MTU engines. Not exactly a racing boat but still fast enough for most people's tastes. To be fully crewed she needs a 9 person staff (not including any personal chefs etc the new owner might want to bring along.)

One More Toy Yacht

One More Toy Super Yacht Crowded

'One More Toy' - Interior
The one thing that makes 'One More Toy' rather different to many of the other mega yachts you might consider is that she has a very classically styled interior throughout, not the ultra modern space age type look that many of the other ships boast. Every room is decked out with rich mahogany and satin cherrywood, fine marble, deep pile carpeting and it altogether has a look of throwback luxury rather than too much hi tech style.

One More Toy Super Yacht Interior

One More Toy Super Yacht Inside

One More Toy Super Yacht Dining Area

One More Toy Super Yacht Cabinet

'One More Toy' - Sleeping Options
There are a total of six staterooms, all very luxuriously appointed. Elegant and spacious mahogany beds, en-suite bathrooms with Jacuzzis, discretely placed televisions and roomy lounging areas are features of all the guest rooms and the owner's suite is even more impressive. That features a huge four poster bed, marbled bathroom complete with LED lit soaking tub and some of the best possible views from at point on the ship. Even the crew cabins are impressive and are decorated in the same high style as the rest of the ship. Lucky crew eh?

One More Toy Super Yacht Master Bedroom

One More Toy Super Yacht Bathroom

One More Toy Super Yacht Bedroom

One More Toy Super Yacht Crew Bedroom

'One More Toy' - Relaxation Options
Most of the time the reason for owning a super yacht is fairly simple - to provide a way to relax and enjoy some time off in high style and in this department 'One More Toy' certainly delivers. The below decks lounge is spacious to the point of cavernous and it has a full pub style bar that has not just one but two huge built in plasma TVs. There is a formal dining room that is very elegantly furnished in a style that matches the rest of the ship and the upper deck lounging area not only offers slightly more casual dining but also an open air bar and a huge Jacuzzi that lights up at night.

One More Toy Super Yacht Upper Deck Bar

One More Toy Super Yacht Jacuzzi

If you really have to work while on board there is a full office available for you to do so and it is so well thought out and designed that it may just be nicer and more efficient than the one you might have back at home.

As a bonus for her new owner the $20 million asking price for 'One More Toy' also includes four Yamaha Waverunner personal watercraft that the current owner id throwing in at no extra charge. These are securely housed in the easy to access hold as is a full sized 'spinning' bike exercise machine for those who feel the need to get a bit of extra exercise.