Larry Ellison's Passion - 'Rising Sun' Super Yacht

August 3rd, 2012 | Yachts | celebrity, yacht

Rising Sun Super Yacht

Larry Ellison has had a passion for sailing since he was a young boy so it didn't particularly surprise those who knew or had heard about him when he purchased the 'Rising Sun' yacht. Well, technically he co-purchased and co-owned it with David Geffen, but none the less, he still is co-owner of one of the greatest yachts ever built.

The prestigious super yacht which was designed and built in 2004 by a German company Lurssen reportedly cost over $200 million to build. Chump change though for Ellison who as of 2012 was cited as having a net worth of more than $35 billion dollars; Ellison owns 22.5% of the Oracle company and is one of the most successful software entrepreneurs in the world today.

There is little doubt that the 'Rising Sun' is spectacular and some of its features are beyond breathtaking. To begin with the sheer size of the vessel is something to marvel about as it is 452.75 feet long. Not too shabby considering the average U.S. home is 1400 square feet.

Rising Sun Superyacht

Made of solid steel, this luxurious liner will travel at 29 knots at full speed which is also impressive for its size. The 'Rising Sun' is one of few boats that are powered by a MTU diesel engine which accounts for its rate of speed. Technically the yacht has four engines that all together total 48,000 horse powers and is the second largest yacht to date, in spite of Ellison wanting to own the largest in the world.

Rising Sun Yacht View

The interior cabin was designed as such that it can comfortably hold and sleep up to 16 guests at a time and there is additional room to house 30 crew members if need be.
And this super yacht has plenty of additional accommodations that are quite suitable for billionaire owners who only travel in style.

Rising Sun Luxury Yacht

For starters there is an indoor swimming pool as well as an enormous home theatre for all of Ellison's and his guest's viewing pleasures. There is also a walk in wine cellar which is fully stocked.

The yacht is said to have roughly 8,000 square meters of living space and if that isn't impressive enough atop the yacht is also a full sized basketball court to run and shoot hoops on that also seconds as a helicopter landing pad!

Rising Sun Yacht

If that weren't enough there is also a full spa and sauna at one end of the yacht. The yacht itself is five stories high and consists of 82 complete rooms, one of which can fit a small submarine in it.

Although this yacht was a must have for Ellison who carefully oversaw all of the yacht's bells and whistles, recent reports have quoted him as saying that despite all of its glitz and glamour he was not pleased with the 'Rising Sun' because after consideration it was simply too big, too impractical and he didn't find it to be intimate enough. Could this be a case of 'be careful what you wish for?' or just another instance of a billionaire who has changed his mind or grown bored, which of course is easy to do when you have money to burn.

Rising Sun Yacht Interior

But in any case Ellison made the decision to sell his share of the 'Rising Sun' to co-owner David Geffen and in July of 2011 purchased ne new yacht with another billionaire, Mark Cuban. This time around Ellison chose to downsize, as his new toy is a mere 88 meters long. Still, his new yacht is impressive and although smaller, Ellison is still welcomed with open arms within the 'Super Yacht' club members where he will surely remain for years to come.