Putting a Light on the Benefits of HID Kits

August 9th, 2012 | Car Hacks | car, hid, tips, xenon

Chrysler HID kit

When it comes to having the best looking and highest performing vehicles out there many drivers are turning to having alternative after-market auto parts to enhance what they already own. There are many reasons why this is being done, from adding an amazing look to greater functionality, and one of the greatest innovations that you can find right now is HID kits.

HID kits are special home installation sets that are focused on the owner of the vehicle being able to have a superior headlight system in comparison to what is currently in use on the market. HID kits are primarily made from a uniquely designed and engineered bulb that offers blazingly bright beams of light and a remarkable looking color. This is all done utilizing a powerful inert gas called xenon and when it is brought to a particular temperature it will illuminate in amazing ways.

The color that your HID kits produce will largely depend on the actual temperature that you heat the gas too. If you have the temperature of the xenon gas around 4000k it will give you what looks like a yellow glow. Then if you raise it further to between 4000k and 6000k you can get an intense blue light that is probably the most popular. Finally if you raise the temperature to anything above 6000k you will start to get a light that is closer to an intense purple color and it is so luminous that it is actually illegal in some states to use. The trouble with this range is that it is possibly too strong for drivers who are driving towards you and thus making it distracting and dangerous to pass on the road.

The ultimate benefits to using HID kits are huge. There are some really frightening statistics out there regarding the true dangers of traveling at night and beyond just this you are actually at a greater chance of being involved in a fatal accident without having a viable alternative to the traditional halogen bulbs that come stock in your vehicle.

HID kits are able to give you so much more and it is reported that they are surprisingly simple to install. Plus there are kits that are available for just about any kind of vehicle out there and this includes almost all makes and models of cars, trucks and even motorcycles regardless of year.

The origins of these amazing bulbs comes from a surprising place. Back in World War II there were many movie goes that had grown tired of paying for a movie and yet not being able to really see it because the bulbs that were in use at the time for the projector were not sufficient to do their job properly. In an attempt to change this engineers crafted a xenon bulb that was substantially brighter and a few decades later BMW took this idea even farther. With the introduction of the Series 7 in 1991 they put out a car that featured hid lights as a standard item, something that even to this day is still not used in commonplace, much to the disadvantage of customers and drivers.

HID kits are certainly the way of the future and they are already changing the way we see when we are driving on the road at night. Not only are they giving you a serious advantage over the alternative, they are also great to look at.