2009 Toyota Avensis

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The all-new 2009 Toyota Avensis is much more environmentally friendly and smarter than its former models, as a result of the new offered engines: the petrol engine and the new diesel that provide more economy, produce higher revolutions per minute, which gives higher torque and as a result helps to reduce fuel consumption in everyday driving. New emissions conscious British-built Avensis with desirable 150PS EU5 diesel plus 6-speed automatic option launched at Paris Motor Show, October 2008.

Saloon is 4,695mm long; estates 4,765mm long; both 1,810mm wide and 1,480mm high. Strut front suspension; double wishbones at rear. 2009 Toyota Avensis received a 5-star a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating according to the new independent crash testing results from Euro NCAP. Low noise, vibration and harshness. On sale from January 2009.

Performance, Fuel Consumption and CO2 emissions:

1.6 Valvematic 6-spd manual: 125mph; 0-60 10.1; 152g/km CO2 emissions; combines 43.5mpg fuel economy.
1.8 Valvematic 6-spd manual: 125mph; 0-60 9.1; 154g/km CO2 emissions; 43.5mpg com. (combined fuel economy figure)
1.8 Valvematic Multidrive S CVT: 125mph; 0-60 10.1; 157g/km CO2 emissions; 42.2 mpg com.
2.0 Valvematic 6-spd manual: 128mph; 0-60 8.7; 163 g/km CO2 emissions; 40.9 mpg com.
2.0 Valvematic Multidrive S CVT: 128mph; 0-60 9.7; 164g/km CO2 emissions; 40.4 mpg com.
2.0 D-4D 6-spd manual: 125mph; 0-60 9.4; 134g/km CO2 emissions; 55.4 mpg com.
2.2 D-4D 150 6-spd manual: 131mph; 0-60 8.6; 147g/km CO2 emissions; 51.4 mpg com.
2.2 D-4D 180 6-spd manual: 137mph; 0-60 8.2; 157g/km CO2 emissions; combines 47.9 mpg fuel economy.

Toyota have finnished a complex work to bring down their average CO2 emissions in order to meet EU standards and along with the Aygo the Avensis is a very worthy car in this respect. 1.8 Valvematic engines are a real step forward. Good to drive, low emission and 43mpg economy. For extra information, 1.6 and 1.8 petrol engines are manufactured in Deeside, UK; 2.0 and 2.2 chain cam diesels and 6 speed manual transmissions made in Poland. 1.8 and 2.0 petrol automatics available with Multidrive S CVT transmission with 7 ratios selectable sequentially manually.

Euro NCAP has worked out a new rating scheme which focuses on the vehicle’s overall protection performance using a weighted score, combining all aspects of a car’s safety performance: adult (50%), child (20%) and pedestrian (20%) protection assessment results with the availability of driver assistance devices (10%). A minimum score of 70% overall is necessary to achieve a 5-star rating. To qualify for inclusion, the devices must be fitted, as standard across 85% of the EU 27 2009 model range. The new Avensis’s overall weighted score of 81% highlights the new Toyota’s comprehensive levels of active and passive safety technology, which include a pre-crash system, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and lane departure warning. 5 Star Performance in 2009 NCAP crash safety tests: Adult Protection 90%, Child Protection 86%, Pedestrian Protection 53%, Safety Assist 86%.

Design of the 2009 Toyota Avensis has advanced from the previous generation with a large grill similar to the Camry, rather than the rounder nose of the old model which was more akin to the Yaris and the Aygo. The new English built Avensis has the grill extended across the whole bonnet, which leaves the uniqueness of the Toyota high and mighty in the design with such a distinctive front end.

There will be colossal profits for automobile company providers as the 1.8 petrol models, including the diesel and the automatic, all come in under 160g/km and with the 1.8 Valvematic the BIK percentage of list price is 25 percent less than the previous one. As a genuine competitor to the Ford Mondeo, sales of a new Avensis in the United Kingdom have started on the 1st January 2009 with prices from £15,760.

2009 Toyota Avensis sedan at the Paris Motor Show

2009 Toyota Avensis sedan dashboard

2009 Toyota Avensis sedan interior view

2009 Toyota Avensis Sedan interior

2009 Toyota Avensis sedan rear

2009 Toyota Avensis sedan wheel

2009 Toyota Avensis Sedan

2009 Toyota Avensis Silver Metallic Sedan

2009 Toyota Avensis wagon at the Paris Motor Show

2009 Toyota Avensis Wagon

2009 Toyota Avensis

2009 Toyota Avensis Sedan at the Paris Motor Show