Furious 2012 Ford Mustang Lineup

January 3rd, 2012 | Ford | 2012 ford mustang


Ford Mustang 2012 designed as a coupe or convertible car offers five trim levels: V6, Premium V6, GT, Premium GT and Boss 302. The basic V6 features 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, cruise control system, air conditioning, limited slip differential of the rear part, tilt steering wheel full power requisite, and CD-player, audio system with four speakers and an additional audio jack.

Premium V6 has improved 17-inch wheels, upholstery made of leather, and driver's seat with electric drive, Ford Timing System, auto-dimming rearview mirror, adjustable color sensors, refined interior trim and an audio system with eight speakers and iPod audio interface.



Multifunctional steering wheel of Mustang GT is adjusted according to the angle of inclination. The driver's seat can be moved only horizontally, but the seat position of Premium GT version is regulated in 6 directions with the help of electric drives. There is a trunk comprising 380 liters.

Mustang GT doesn't differ with exceptional technical entertainment and comfort equipment, featuring radio-stereo (CD player) with 4 dynamics, air conditioning and cruise control system while the Premium GT has a satellite radio Sirius, navigation system, Bluetooth, leather-covered sport steering wheel and leather upholstery.



The car is equipped with quite modern security system, including air cushion, 3-point belts with belt tensioners and other means of protection for the driver and passengers.

At any mode or position the 19-inch wheels Pirelli P-Zeros featured by Boss 302 which is called School Bus Yellow perfectly respond to all steering wheel requirements.  Though Boss 302 is a very powerful car with a 5-liter engine producing 456 hp it's quite easy in driving since the six-speed manual gearbox works just fine.


Other technical characteristics of Mustang Boss 302 suggest adjustable Recaro racing seats with six positions and the logos of Boss 302 sewed in, a new set of sensors measuring the acceleration time from 0 to 60 miles per hour, lateral acceleration and braking system indicators.