Hummer H3

January 16th, 2012 | Hummer | h3, hummer


General Motors Corporation, which was saved from bankruptcy last year, introduced the compact Hummer H3 in Los Angeles in 2003. Hummer H3 is designed on Chevrolet Colorado / TrailBlazer base. The concept car featured a soft fold out roof, pickup body, which can be opened from the three sides, Nike trimming and all-wheel drive, activated only when necessary.

The heart of the running gear includes a bearer frame with the front torsion-bar and rear multilink suspensions, cab and cargo box designed as a whole to increase the rigidity of the vehicle. The exterior remained  deliberately rude. The flat body panels, square cabin, huge headlights and rectangular radiator cowl clearly indicate Hummer brand.


Hummer H3 demonstrates unusual approach to the construction of a pickup. The car is two-passenger. It has a soft-top and side doors invisible at first glance, consisting of two halves: the upper one that opens to the side, and the bottom one, turning into a comfortable step. With these doors the use of a spacious cargo bed is much more convenient as there's no need to wade through the entire body to reach the things lying directly behind the cab.


Nike has provided the off roadster with the special thermal insulation material Sphere, which is used for covering the seats. The saloon designed by Nike boasts two-tone upholstery with bright red inserts, red-backlit instrumentation, chrome trimmed dials, large multicolor display placed on the central console and climate control system.


Under the hood there's a 350 hp five-cylinder 3.5-liter engine equipped with a turbocharger and 4-speed automatic gearbox HydraMatic 4L65-E 4 featuring an absorbed torque of 474 Nm at 3600 rpm.
Special traction control system, dynamic stability control system called StabiliTrak and interlocking rear differential are also installed in Hammer H3.


Hummer H3 has very good maneuverability. Its turning diameter is equal to the compact motor car's one. This allows it to maneuver easily on the parking and off-roads, while the ground clearance of 231 mm and a ramp break over angle of 25 degrees enable H3 to overcome the obstacles. Despite the pros though Hummer H3 is no longer in production.