Facts About Breathtaking Yacht ECLIPSE

January 19th, 2012 | Yachts | eclipse, facts, yacht


The largest yacht in the world 538 ft Eclipse built on the Hamburg shipyard "Blohm + Voss" by the order of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is also one of the most expensive in the world. It costs about $ 485 million, but some experts estimate its total price for $ 800 million. Snow white Eclipse is not so cheap to keep since it requires annual paying of $ 50 million, while one-time tank filling costs $650 thousand.

This luxury yacht can host up to 30 guests and 75 crew members. No one will be bored, because the boat has everything a modern high class yacht can possibly have: two helipads, two pools, which can be transformed into a dance floor and a wellness center, cinema, disco, bar, fully-equipped gym, sauna, wine cellar, different water equipment for entertainment like 20 scooters and 4 motorboats and even a mini -submarine!


The design of the yacht provides maximum protection not only from the terrorists (missile defense system, armored body and bulletproof windows), but also from annoying paparazzi during parties arranged on this megayacht, like special photoelectric sensors, catching the flash that won't let VIP-guests on the yacht to give themselves away.


The system consists of infrared lasers that scan the surrounding area looking for a CCD sensor and of a light gun, which instantly burns out the sensor in case of its discovering ( English court is considering a request of a photo magazine "Amateur Photographer" regarding the legality of using such systems in practice). The system is activated only when needed, the guests on the yacht can feel free in taking pictures. The light gun is also operated by the manual mode, so that the guards or Roman Abramovich himself could manually disarm the paparazzi.


The boat boasts nine decks including private 185 ft deck and a master-cabin with the total area more than 50000 square ft featuring a stage,  grand piano, TFT monitor and 15 cabins for guests. If desired, the ceiling above the bedroom moves apart and the beautiful night sky can be seen through the hole. What can be better than time spent on Eclipse yacht?