Tiger Woods Yacht PRIVACY Features


Tiger Woods purchased his motor yacht named Privacy in 2004 for $ 20 million. People still can't help admiring this floating luxurious hotel that is 155-foot long with the total square of 6500-square foot.  This beauty was a wedding gift to Tiger's ex-wife and now when the golf star is divorced it's being sold for $25 million.

This amount is explained by Woods as the one that corresponds to the real price of the yacht since it's in good condition and needs no repairing, but the experts say that Privacy is likely to be sold with a great discount since today the potential customers lose their interest in big yachts.


Now let's return to the yacht accommodations. It includes a spacious master suite and six guest cabins able to host 21 people and 13 crewmembers. There's one tendency in the yacht interior design that can be noticed while exploring all the cabins, including living-room and a kitchen, which means the combination of three colors: white, black and dark brown, sometimes complemented with metal grey or beige. White is the color of the couches, arm-chairs, carpets, ceilings, bar stools and silk that covers the walls, while the leather-upholstered furniture, cushions, table surfaces and some other decorative items are performed in black color.


All the walls are finished with dark brown wood with a cherry shade that is similar to the color of wood the tables, bar counter, bedstands, cabinets and the stairs are made of. Beige marble, the tabletops are made of, is mostly present in the kitchen and in the living room. Grey is the color of accessories and kitchen appliances as well as bar stools and  table legs. Such interior style looks very fresh, luxurious and elegant, creating a mix of traditional classics and modern strictness and convenience.


The yacht can also boasts a private fitness room, theater projection system and a Jacuzzi for 8 persons. Privacy features total white exterior style with a big terrace on the roof, also performed in white shades.