Maybach 62/62S

March 28th, 2012 | Maybach | maybach, maybach 62, maybach 62s


Luxurious Maybach 62 is hardly can be called a practical car, but on the other hand, it was created just for those who can  forget about practicality for the sake of comfort, status and got used to receive only the best in the life. V12 engine generating 550 hp allows the car to pick up speed with extraordinary ease. And S version is installed with a 6-liter engine producing 604 hp from Mercedes-Benz AMG tuning studio.

The saloon amazes with the magnificence featured by the wood and leather finishing in combination with numerous devices, providing the highest level of comfort. But the most eye-catching thing in the car interior design is its panoramic glass roof with the adjustable opacity.  The traditional roof over the passengers' heads can be removed by pressing a button making the steel shutter slide and letting the sunshine to the saloon through the milky glass. And if you want to see the sky, you just have to press another button to make the glass absolutely clear.


The exterior design of Maybach 62S is distinguished by its striking radiator enclosure, which creates unique luxurious image of the car. The radiator enclosure featuring two commutator bars is a real highlight of the brand models. Maybach 62S is equipped with 20-inch Michelin tires, producing minimum noise at maximum speed. The exterior color scheme is represented by black and silver colors. However the new and more exclusive white lacquer finish can be used at the request of the buyer.


The interior style impresses with its extraordinary leather finishing with the carbon elements, as well as the applique works covered by the piano lacquer, which is used for creation of expensive musical instruments.


It should be noted that there's the huge internal space, which allows the passengers to relax and enjoy the road,  while the modern climate control and navigation system, multifunctional audio-video system, mini-bar built in the central armrest, and TV screens installed into the backs of the  front seats will satisfy the most sophisticated and wealthy buyers.