Bentley EXP 9f Concept


Volkswagen AG group presented a new car at the Geneva Motor Show that is going to be the most expensive serial SUV in the world. The prototype of all-wheel drive sedan reflects the plans of Bentley to expand the assortment of high-class cars of this brand. Wolfgang Durheimer, the head of Bentley, said that Bentley is truly convinced of huge market potential for high-class premium SUV.

The decision to launch the mass production of new Bentley, called EXP 9F, will be made by  German company in the near future. From 500 to 3,500 vehicles are expected to be produced every year. The concept car is equipped with a large 12-cylinder engine generating 610 hp. Similar power units are featured by the most expensive SUVs of Range Rover, which are considered to be the main competitors of Bentley EXP 9f on the market, though Bentley EXP 9F will be sold at a much higher price than any modern car of this type.


Despite the constant increase of fuel prices, the demand for expensive SUV is expected to be high in many countries around the world. From a technical point of view, Bentley EXP 9F is based on more expensive SUVs of Volkswagen concern like Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne.


It's difficult to call the car's exterior design attractive. The fore body's design is performed in the same style as the Mulsanne sedan. Large headlights, 23-inch wheels and a huge radiator enclosure, of course, make the model identifiable, but bring a bit of roughness to the outside appearance of the car.


In general, if to ignore the car's external simplicity and lack of elegance, there are a lot of things that potential customers may be attracted by, like the interior design, performed in compliance with all the traditions of British brand magnificence.


The interior of Bentley EXP features the same luxury, as all the Bentley cars with three rear passenger seats, a variety of functions providing the best comfort and a lot of space. The car also received 3D-navigation with TFT display, entertainment system and stylish leather finishing boasting handmade wooden, aluminum and bronze decorative elements.