Elegant Tiara 3600 Coronet Cruise Boat

April 27th, 2012 | Boats | tiara boat


New Tiara 3600 boasts the elegance that actually may be featured by a cruise boat, meeting all the customers' requirements regarding the space, comfort and ease in operating. The cockpit interior looks simple and luxurious and the same time, comprising elegantĀ  curved settee finished with pleasant-to touch white fabric, a wooden table covered by firm epoxy, a command center with a stainless steel helm and a big comfy captain's double-wide chair in front of it. A lounge is provided with back-rests in order to bring the maximum comfort to the passengers.

A dash board features a lot of appliances helping to make the boat control effortless and enjoyable. There are a couple of 12-inch displays installed into a dash board as well as Bluetooth system making it possible to listen to the favorite music from an iPad, CD stereo, Marine Air System and the whole package of electronics.

Behind the helm seat in the aft there are a locker for TV, sink and a grill, specially fixed by the engineers in order to let the passengers enjoy freshly cooked beefsteaks under the open sky in the company of their family or friends since the sunroof can be easily moved side.


The bathroom fixtures like electric toilet and a shower stall are placed in the head of the boat. There's also a little galley, equipped with everything necessary, like a countertop, small fridge, microwave oven, one-burner electric cooktop, steel sink and several cabinets for storing kitchen stuffs.

The belowdecks amazes with the beauty of its style, design functionality and the compactness of the interior, including a master cabin and a sleeper for 2 people. A private master cabin is accommodated with pedestal berth with lots of pillows and storage drawers beneath, modern wooden cabinets, hanging mezzanine storeys, LCD TV installed into the wall and teak floor. Tiara 3600 is a perfect boat for a romantic pastime, sea picnic or a little party.