MasterCraft ProStar 214V

May 3rd, 2012 | Boats | boats, mastercraft


Luxurious ski boat MasterCraft PS214V inherited all the benefits of the previous 214 model, including stylish design and high operational characteristics, though now it features a new modern configuration of its cockpit.  Due to its smooth wakes and powerful torque ProStar 214V is the only V-drive boat that has won three-event World Record certification and was recognized by USA Water-ski as a record-breaker towboat with high ski-boat capabilities.

The boat comprises modern seating furniture with back-rests that is arranged in such way to accommodate as more people and a driving zone with a comfortable armchair, dash board with number of functions and a helm, decorated by metallic inserts, as well as front part resting area able to seat up to three persons.  The total amount of people that can be hosted in the boat is eleven. In addition, there's a lot of storage space, including a ski locker and under seat storage sections.

Moreover there's a cooler installed under the seats of the starboard to provide a maximum comfort for the passengers. The floor of MasterCraft PS214V is covered by a pleasant-to-touch removable carpet, made of the firm, long-standing and stain-resistant material, which is very easy to wash. The whole interior design is performed in white color with stylish black decorative accents.

Externally 214V boasts tree-color (blue, white and red) graphics with MasterCraft logotype. Specially designed wooden swim platform eases the process of water skiing as well as contributes to convenient jumping into the water.

MasterCraft is technically upgraded with Video Digital Gauge, displaying the performance characteristics of the boat, Boom Training System windshield delivering clear lines to the boom, GPS cruise control system and other small advantages like heated seats, cupholders and speakers.

21.33' long MasterCraft PS214V is an engineering masterpiece with the fuel capacity of 35 gallons. Virtually this is one of the best ski boats that meets all the customers' demands.