Paul Allen's Octopus Super Yacht

May 5th, 2012 | Yachts | octopus, paul allen, yacht


Life has never really slowed down for Scottish rocker Rod Stewart. Father to eight kids - with the youngest only having been born in 2011 to he and his wife Penny Lancaster - at 66 he also became a grandfather for the first time when his daughter Kimberly gave birth to daughter Deliah, her child with actor Benicio Del Toro. He also still performs on a regular basis as he has a headlining show in Las Vegas.

It's little wonder then that he likes to get away whenever he can and Rod Stewart's passion for yachts is always very much in evidence. Although he has never quite got around to buying one of his own (although he can certainly afford it) he really does not need to as he has plenty of celebrity pals who are willing to lend him theirs!


One of the yachts that Rod Stewart has borrowed on more than one occasion is perhaps the biggest celebrity yacht of all - The Octopus, the boat belonging to Microsoft co founder Paul Allen. The huge ship is so big that it cannot even dock in the French Riviera and it cost an astonishing  £120 million to buy and is 414 feet long, so if he so desired there would probably be room on board for all of Rod’s kids and ex wives as well!

Paul Allen Octopus Yacht Upper Deck

The Octopus was designed by Espen Øino Naval Architect Company and built up in Germany. However, the interior designer was from U.S. – Jonathan Quinn Barnett. The Paul Allen’s yacht The Octopus is considered to take 5 place as the largest super yacht and the largest expedition yacht. Here some facilities you could find on The Octopus: 2 top decks with helicopters for transfer, the upper deck pool, 2 remote control-operated submarines, and of course jet ski hatches; so you won’t feel bored on The Octopus.


The Paul Allen’s super yacht is amazing place to spend vacation with fun and luxury. So, it’s no wonder that celebrities enjoy their celebrations and vacation on The Octopus. Rod Stewart, Steven Spielberg (who has its own super yacht SEVEN SEAS), Cameron Diaz, Bono, P Diddy, Penelope Cruz with family, Beckham’s  family etc. (the celebrity list is endless) have been seen on super yacht. Well, it seems that the pleasure of being on such super yacht is worth of bad money on rent the celebrities spend.