How to Choose the Right Car to Buy?

May 9th, 2012 | Car Hacks | cars


Buying anything is important but none more than buying a car. A car can be used for work, family shopping at the store or going on trips or vacation. So how can we choose the right car to buy?

What and who do you need the car for?
Seems simple but there is no point in getting a big car if you only plan to use it for yourself and an occasional passenger. If this is the case go for a smaller car with the most economical mileage per gallon and lower cost insurance. Or if you have a family and need it for ‘taxiing’ around then a larger car or SUV could be better, there’s no point in getting too small a car for your needs either. Think what you need the car for and adapt this to your buying needs. Another factor is if you just need the car for short journeys, a petrol car can work out more economical than a diesel for fuel. If you do a lot of driving it may work out cheaper buying a diesel, even though they can cost more to buy initially.

Think about your boot space too. If you need a smaller car but do sports or outdoor activities like, camping, cycling or skiing you may have to think about the boot size or if the vehicle can take a roof rack or bike attachments. Do you need seats that can fold down a lot to store things? Moreover if you do a lot of shopping you need to think about that too as some SUV’s have tiny boots so maybe an estate would suit better.

Budget it out
Work out your budget for the car, and if you are paying it up, how much you will be paying out monthly, remember the car insurance as well. Don’t forget maintenance costs, fuel and servicing. You can check out on several free car guide sites to find the cars with cheaper insurance and running costs. Do your homework and don’t just buy the first thing you see!