Top 5 Best Supercars for Maximum Driving Pleasure



Imagine that you could choose any five supercars to take out on a really great track - say the Nurburg Ring in Germany - the place where supercar manufacturers put these cars to the test. Further imagine that you could pick any supercar you wanted, that you were not just limited to the new crop released over the last couple of years. Which would you choose? It would be an almost impossible task. But to get you thinking in the right direction here is a list of the top five supercar manufacturers and you can take your pick from all of their offerings!

The German Porsche car company is one of the richest automakers in the world and as you might expect from a German car all Porsches are best known for their efficiency and reliability. A Porsche is often priced less than some of the other supercar models as well but there are many people who feel that the 997 GT2 can take on - and beat all comers.

The Italian Lamborghini company have been making exotic supercars for over 50 years now. Some have been exquisite classics such as the first model the company ever made the Mura while others are simply speed demons that are hard to match like the aptly named Diablo or the newer Gallardo. Lamborghini is known for its slightly eccentric engineering features and the one thing there never is for a 'Lambo' owner is a dull moment when driving it.



Aston Martin
The British Aston Martin company makes supercars for gentlemen and will forever be linked with one of the world’s most suave and sophisticated - James Bond. The classics like the Aston Martin DB6 are rare hard to find collectors models now but the newer models are every bit as elegant, chic and dangerous - especially the new One 77.


Aston Martin
Pagani are the 'other' Italian supercar manufacturers, always it seem in the shadow of the larger Lamborghini. The Zonda in its many forms is revered by petrolheads though and the amazing Zonda R is still the fastest car in its class around the Nurburg Ring.


Ferrari have been making cars for over 100 years and in terms of supercars their blood red trademark models are classics. The newest Ferrari on offer - the 2012 F12 Berlinetta is still everything that most supercar enthusiasts could ask for in a car, especially if they are a fan of classic Ferrari styling.