2013 Lexus ES Series Sedans

May 25th, 2012 | Lexus | lexus es, sedan


Lexus has long been thought to be one of the elite auto makers and manufacturers. The name alone is synonymous with luxury and expense. Because of this reputation, its new series and cars are always up for review almost immediately after release or first viewing. The Lexus ES Series is no different.

The ES series has been expanded for the 2013 model year and now includes the ES 350 and the ES 300h sedans.  The new 2013 Lexus ES series will also include a hybrid model for the first time. This first ever ES hybrid model paired with an electric motor and 2.5-liter four
cylinder engine. The ES 300h hybrid model is set to expect to get 40 miles per gallon. The ES 350 gets a 3.5-liter V6 and six speed automatic transmission. Lexus has not provided any fuel economy figures for this model.


In terms of aesthetics, the new hybrids of the ES series do have a new look as compared to past models. Most of these changes come from some of the designs of the GS series.  The 2013 ES is approximately one inch longer than its earlier version and has a wheelbase that expanded 1.8 inches from the previous model year.


The hybrids of the new 2013 series boasts a larger area in the cabin, most notably in the back seat where passengers now have more leg room to help enhance comfort. The series can be found in both NuLux or leather upholstery.


Standard choices include an audio system that boasts eight speakers, a CD player, Bluetooth, Sirius XM radio compatibility, and USB connectivity. There are also options that can be added such as an infotainment system, communications system, and a navigation system that includes a back up camera and speaker audio system.