Most Expensive Sedan to Drive in 2012 - Mercedes Benz Maybach 62

May 27th, 2012 | Maybach | maybach, most expensive, sedan


For a real car enthusiast owning a supercar might be their ultimate dream but the problem is that a supercar is not really a very practical car to drive to work or to do a few errands in, which is why for everyday use even the keenest car fanatic will opt for a sedan instead. Doing do so however does not mean you have to sacrifice looks or performance, especially if you are willing to pay quite a high price to get the very best.

There are a number of celebrated sedans available that carry a price tag that tops $100,000 but the current prize for the most expensive sedan to drive of all goes to the 2012 Mercedes Benz Maybach 62, which costs between $427,000 and $497,000 depending upon which options package you happen to choose.

So what do you get for just under half a million dollars? The base model Maybach 62 boasts a 5.5 liter 12 cylinder engine and although it can only manage 10 miles to the gallon in the city it can get 16 once you head out onto the highway. Upgrade to the Maybach 62 S for an extra $50,000 and you will gain additional horsepower in the form of a 6 liter engine and better yet the gas mileage remains about the same.


Listing a set of standard features for the 2012 Maybach 62 is impossible, as each vehicle is custom made to order, but The 2012 Maybach features a number of upgrades for the new model year including a restyled leather interior that featured silver 'badging' in the seat headrests. On the outside there is a larger grille, a raised spoiler and LED daytime running lights designed to last for years.